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Manufacturers are faced with difficult technology challenges every day. Electronic commerce, EDI and bar coding are technologies that save time and money. But how does a manufacturer make the right choices when there seem to be so many? IBCA offers the tools and knowledge that manufacturers need to hop on the information superhighway.

  • Telephone support. For answers to questions related to the bar code guidelines and other topics. Call 215.489.1722 for answers to your questions about:

    • Bar Code, EDI, Electronic Commerce.

    • Application-related questions; i.e. inventory control & warehouse management, time & attendance, asset tracking, job tracking, etc.

    • Technology providers; who should you contact?

  • Tele-Consulting. You are entitled to a one-hour, one-on-one, tele-consulting phone call each year ($250 value). This is an excellent time to consider new implementations or to review progress on EDI, e-commerce or bar code projects. You can have your whole project team in on the call.

  • Telephone Seminars. Participate in any of the regularly scheduled Tele-Net sessions FREE. Use these sessions to introduce new ideas or bring new employees up to speed.

  • Technology Review Newsletter. Once each quarter, we will provide a newsletter specifically edited to provide you useful information about technology in layman’s terms.

  • Supply Chain Compliance Overview on the Internet. We will provide you a company-specific Supply Chain Compliance Overview web page that outlines what your company is doing relative to bar code, e-commerce and EDI. The web page can be resident on your server or IBCA’s.

  • Bar Code Policy. IBCA provides assistance in developing a company-specific Bar Code Policy to make sure that customers understand what you intend to provide.

  • Trading Partner Policy. We will help you develop a program to communicate bar code policy to your trading partners.

  • EC Task Force. Detailed information about EC and Bar Code Task Force issues that might affect you.

  • Bar Code Equipment Vendor Locator. Discuss your needs with an unbiased professional to help you find and evaluate those who supply the products and services that you need.

  • Bar Code Guidelines. Company members receive a complete set of the guidelines. Many guidelines-related issues are addressed in IBCA's regular newsletter, IBCA News and Views, sent to all company members.

  • Electronic Data Base Distribution. Suppliers who assign U.P.C. numbers to their products may submit an electronic copy of their inventory file to be logged into the IBCA/INSIGHT data base. We will verify file format, add files to the data base and distribute files, in standard format, via the Internet. The advantage to the manufacturer is that whenever he/she receives requests from customers for a copy of the file, he/she can just direct them to the IBCA web site. In addition, the customer can go to one convenient source to obtain listings for one or more suppliers. Currently the data base contains over 500,000 items. Click here to view the current list of files.

  • Label Review. Send us samples of your labels for review. We will verify compliance with your industry guidelines, including: label layout; symbologies used; bar code scannability; human readable data; and overall print quality.

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Phone: 215.489.1722

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