Benefits for Trade Associations

By joining IBCA, associations give their members access to "first line" information about many technology topics by calling the IBCA office to speak with an experienced consultant free of charge. IBCA also has "getting started" information at the IBCA web site. Additional support for companies is available through IBCA's company membership option.

What kind of information is available to associations? To start, IBCA has 25 years of hands-on experience with bar coding and other technologies. Their ongoing research, documentation and coordination provide associations with "on-staff" expertise that would cost associations a great deal of time and money.

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Services directed to your association...

  • Technology Review.

  • Telephone Conference for Your Members. Free one-hour live telephone conference for your members, hosted by Rick Bushnell or Jack Householder. You can offer this as a member benefit, free of charge, or at a fee to recoup the cost of IBCA membership.

  • Technology Web Page. Web page constructed by IBCA containing association-specific information about bar codes, EDI and electronic commerce. This page can also contain company and committee contact points for your association, if appropriate. Take advantage of this member benefit to ensure that every existing member knows what your association is doing. It may even attract new members.

  • Telephone Support. Your staff can call IBCA for answers to technology-related questions, such as EDI, bar codes, electronic commerce, or for guidance on the direction of the association's technology pathway.

  • Bar Code Application Guidelines. They're already available through IBCA. Based on the U.P.C., these guidelines are routinely maintained and distributed to association members. IBCA keeps members aware of guideline-related changes in the IBCA newsletter... IBCA News and Views.

  • IBCA Technology Library. A comprehensive library of articles that can be used by associations in their newsletters, bulletins, web sites, etc.

  • Info-Internet Link.

    • Find other electronic commerce web sites;

    • Link quickly to other trade associations facing similar technology challenges;

    • Review online publications, reports and more;

    • View member U.P.C. databases;

    • Discover when important technology events are happening.

    • What? No association web site? IBCA will host the association's web site, too!

  • Technology Resource Center. IBCA has a library of books and videotapes available on an array of technology-related topics. Information for beginner to advanced is available. Special discounted prices are available to IBCA members.

  • In-The-Loop. Association representatives are invited and encouraged to get involved with IBCA. Associations may serve on the IBCA Board of Directors, on the Standard Practices Committee, on the Electronic Commerce Task Force, or on the Bar Code Task Force, ensuring that bar code guidelines are protected, maintained and enhanced to meet industrial requirements.

  • The GS1 Connection. IBCA is the association's liaison with GS1 and other standards organizations such as ANSI, AIM and ISO.

Services directed to your members...

  • IBCA Help-Line. Your members may call IBCA free of charge up to four times each year:

    • IBCA will conduct research and clarify Bar Code Application Guideline issues

    • IBCA will provide assistance on how to access the information available at its web site.

    • IBCA will provide answers to basic questions on getting started with bar code and electronic commerce.

  • Keep Me Current Service. Your members may request to be included in IBCA's Keep Me Current Service. This service notifies companies, via e-mail, any time there are changes to standards, upcoming events, meetings, and other important information.

  • On-Line Information. IBCA's web site contains bar code guidelines, complete books, articles, white papers, frequently asked questions, and more. Your members are encouraged to visit it often to access the latest information.

  • Educational Opportunities. IBCA provides educational sessions and telephone conferences to provide a wide range of information to individual companies that are preparing themselves to implement new technologies. Your members will receive discounted tuition for these sessions.

  • Free "VIP" Pass. IBCA provides complimentary passes to the industry trade shows when available.

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